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Italian Charms - italian charms starter Image.

An 18-link starter with the Pugster logo seal on the back of the charms, crafted in a style that fits all major brand italian charms. Italian charm bracelets are one of the hottest trends in fashion today, and a Pugster Italian Charm Starter bracelet is a great way to start your Italian charms and Italian charm bracelet collection. Once you have an Italian charm starter bracelet, it is easy to buy any number of Italian charms to switch into and out of your bracelet. And the great thing is that each link you add to your original starter bracelet will have a special meaning to you because you can pick each link individually. With Italian charm bracelets, you can create any bracelet that you can imagine, and it’s as easy as clipping the individual charms in and out of the bracelets. Once you get started, you’ll never want to stop!

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